About us

About us

We started our operations back in 2017, providing route logistics support for energy-related projects in the Arauco and Bio Bio provinces.

Over time, we saw other service needs which allowed us to dive deeper into our client’s projects, taking on advisory roles in logistics, serving our clients’ needs while at the same time safeguarding the interests of the community, highway concession companies and end users.

To meet project requirements, in addition to road changes, we also carry our route surveying in Latin America.

We maintain a steadfast commitment to the environment, performing our work to the highest quality, safety, health, and environmental standards.







Our raison d’être

“One of our service trademarks is adaptability. We understand our clients’ needs and make it a point to find solutions to their problems together. We have ample road logistics expertise as well as transportation engineering knowledge that enable us to offer the best logistic services in line with Chilean transportation regulations.
My 20 years of experience in the industry are invested in our company as we can understand each project stage and area of expertise and quickly respond to the different project requirements accordingly.
We have been growing our logistical service provision to meet and satisfy the service requirements of the clients who have trusted in our logistic capability and adaptability.
We have a diversified portfolio of clients from several industries, such as the forestry industry, power generation companies, as well as transportation and construction companies. They have challenged us to develop our business to meet their demands and have decided to trust in our professional and highly specialized services.
We are a young, dynamic, and adaptable company. We take on every new project with a unique level of commitment and enjoy taking part in our clients’ success as well as engaging in their biggest challenges. We get involved in every step of the process and look for the best way to meet our clients’ needs, always thinking of their benefits.”

María José Ferro Luarte
Chief Executive Officer of
Ferro Logistical Solutions

Meet our team members


María José Ferro

Gerente General

Paula Azocar

Encargada Administración y RRHH

Miguel Casanova

Encargado de Adquisiciones

Rodrigo Moreno

Gerente de proyectos

Cristóbal Pavez

Jefe Comercial

Raúl Candia

Jefe Operaciones

Cecilia Villarroel

Encargada desarrollo de proyectos