New route surveying contract with ENEL

New route surveying contract with ENEL

On Friday September 2nd, 2022, a new contract has been awarded to us by ENEL GREEN POWER by which we are committing ourselves to multiple route surveys and thus contribute to wind and solar power development in Colombia, Chile and Peru.

The purpose of route surveying is to determine whether it is possible to transport loads with oversize components. That includes features like the weight, length, height and width. So that means we find the best route for the passage of the oversize components from the origin to the project destination and make the necessary road modifications to make it happen.

Therefore, we provide our clients with technical advice to make the best decision on the most convenient route to take both from a logistical standpoint (traffic considerations, local transport permits, impact on residents etc.,) as well as the changes to be made.

To tackle this project and meet all the expectations of our client, we have enhanced our project development team and incorporated new technologies in many management processes that allow us to shorten our response times act with detailed precision.

So far, we have conducted surveys in northern Peru’s Morrope area and in southern Chiles Los Rios region.