Road logistics services

These services are necessary to transport your over-dimensional freight smoothly when several stakeholders are involved, namely community members, highway users, concession companies and the Chilean Transportation Authority. They all have special needs and requirements that must be considered to complete the delivery of your cargo successfully and on schedule.
For example, we manage the special transportation permits when you cargo exceeds the legal weight, width, height, and length allowed by the transit authorities, provide a P/EVO (Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator), create segregated lanes, and do road maintenance and repair.

Road changes to transport over dimensional loads

This service entails making various types of road modifications such as slope-cutting, terrace building, dismantling of traffic signs, removal of road lighting components or hoisting of road infrastructure, bypass construction, and restoring the different road components to their original state afterwards.
Also included in this service are different types of civil engineering works such as road construction, slope cutting and embankments, drainage works, signaling and demarcation.

Route Surveying

This service is meant to find the most adequate route for your over-dimensional cargo or to assess the potential of a route for successful transportation. Several specialized tools are utilized in the surveying of a route, such as precision tools, specialized software and a team of expert engineers who provide a full report of the most critical route points, as well as qualitative and quantitative data about the biggest challenges encountered. The report is accompanied by a list of alternative solutions to the problems along with recommendations for the best route to transport your oversize cargo.